26 reasons you should visit the Palace

Kavitha ReddyConcessions, Palace

26 reasons why you should visit the Palace

Our prices are lower than the closest competition and for many that’s reason enough to visit us, but in case you needed some extra persuasion, read on.

Atmosphere: We have arguably the best atmosphere a theater could hope for. We have fun and inviting décor and a casual family friendly environment. It’s a lot of fun here.

Butter: We layer your butter automatically. A little popcorn, butter, more popcorn repeat until heaping.

Convenient. We are convenient to local restaurants and most likely your home. That saves you money, gas, and most importantly TIME!

Drinks: We have a variety of Coke products including orange Fanta, cherry coke, and various bottled teas.

Escape: It’s like a mini vacation. You get to escape into another world for a couple of hours. Very relaxing. Plus, with multiple movies playing at any time, you can escape multiple times a week/day. (And yes, we have some people come in and spend their whole day with us!)

Family friendly. We have a variety of movies at any given time so that you have a safe place to bring you kids!

Great Staff: Our employees went through an intense application and training process. They have all earned their position. We invest in them as people, not just employees, and this is reflected in the quality of service you encounter when you choose the Palace for your entertainment.

High Backed, stadium style, rocking chairs. Enough said.

Involved in the community. We love being involved with local events and organizations. We also love getting to interact with our customers on a personal level. We aren’t a faceless corporation.

Jester painting on the lobby wall. Perfect for selfies.

Kernel Season’s popcorn seasoning to make your popcorn custom.

Locally owned: when you support the Palace, you are investing in your community. Athens Movie Palace proudly supports the local community and hopes to be more involved as time goes on.

Matinees: We have special matinee pricing for any show before 5:30. At $6 a person, you won’t find a less expensive option this close to home.

New: Everything here is brand new and clean! Some see us as a “remodel” but we like to think of ourselves as a completely new facility.

Online Tickets: we offer online tickets without the fees Fandango charges. You don’t even have to print the tickets at home. Just bring your confirmation number or the credit card you used to purchase.

Premiers: We get first run movies and often have Thursday premiers.

Quality: Our theater is state of the art. We didn’t cut corners when bringing the theater here. We have better equipment than many other theaters. In fact, we are one of only 1200 screens in the country to have Dolby Atmos surround sound.

Royals: Our Facebook Palace Royals have always had the inside scoop on the theater and this hasn’t changed. Following us on social media can really pay off. We have given away lots of items and occasionally do pop up surprises.

Special Events: We LOVE having fun events like our Cinderella Tea Party and our Avengers dinner and a double feature. We have lots more planned so check back here, our social media, or the newspaper for more information.

Tubs of endless popcorn. We offer free refills on our large popcorn (and drinks, but they come in cups, not tubs!)

Unique gift cards: we offer gift cards in many designs with many denominations available.

Video ads. We love our friends at East-West Media (and definitely contact them if you need a billboard ), but we have the ability to show your video commercial on the big screen before our showtimes. It’s pretty cool to see yourself and/or someone you know!

Wide aisles. No more cramped legs or crawling on top of and over your neighbors.

Xtremes and other concession options. Brownie Brittle, pretzels, and lots of candy.

Year round showtimes. We are open every day of the year, weather permitting. So this holiday season when you get tired of family time…I mean when you want to do something outside the house, we’ll be here with a welcoming smile and hot popcorn.

Zero excuses. This list should give you enough reasons to join us at the Palace for a movie. Take this opportunity to make special memories with your friends.