Baby, it’s cold outside… and I’m bored

Kavitha ReddyFeature Films

I love this weather…. IF… I don’t have to be out in it for long periods of time.   I also don’t sit idle very easily, so if you’re like me… I need things to do. Are you tired of seeing everyone post pictures of the beautiful frozen water falls, tired of sitting in traffic getting to the beautiful waterfalls, or tired of looking at screenshots of weather apps telling you it’s cold outside? Already seen all of our movies? Here are some ways to pass the time.

(1)Watch the original/first movie

In 2015, 9 out of the top 15 highest grossing movies for the year were sequels or spinoffs or part of a franchise. The statistics are similar if you look back over the years. Very few of the top movies are original ideas. (A notable exception is Avatar… however… sequels are planned for that one…)

Often, moviegoers can enjoy the newest installment without having ever seen or heard of the original. However, with a lot of the franchise films, seeing the original adds to the experience. Many films contain hidden Easter Eggs for your enjoyment if you’ve seen other films. (Like  in Jumanji.

If you want to be prepared for the many upcoming sequels in 2018, here’s a partial list.

Some of these are the 3rd in the series, so you can have a full snow day marathon.


(2) Read the book

This one is particularly useful if your snowday involves a power outage. Read the book. Some of the biggest movies started as books. (Harry Potter ring a bell?) Lots of them are perfectly appropriate to read with your kids or for your young adult to read alone.

Here’s a partial list of book to movie adaptations for 2018. You can find lists of past book to movie if you want to double up on activities.


(3)Research the backstory.

Several movies are adapted from real true stories. Have you seen The Post trailers? It sounds intense! Sometimes it can be cool to know the back story of the movie.

(4)Watch trailers!

Lots of exciting movies already have trailers out. I’m excited about the new Jurassic Park movie. Release dates change and we won’t get all of these, but here’s a list of some upcoming movies.

(5)Find the movies on social media

You know how sometimes you start to look at an ex… and then 4 hours later you’re looking at pictures of your ex’s 3rd cousin’s best friend’s bosses’ daughter’s dog on vacation in Bora Bora? Well…. You can do the same thing with movies and find some pretty cool behind the scenes info. I find Instagram to be the best place to find some cool things. They repost a lot of the actors/directors/studios stuff. I’ve found some really cool music because I saw a new musician tagged in a movie’s post. A good place to start is on the movie’s website. They will usually link you to their social media platforms. Here are some upcoming movies to start with:


(6)Listen to the soundtracks

When we first opened, I listened to the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack on repeat. It. Is. Amazing. When we screened Suicide Squad at 1 am, I walked out at 3 am and preordered the soundtrack. You will recognize some of the songs because they are obvious, but a lot of times you can find some new and great music. I’ve heard people rave about the Guardians of the galaxy soundtrack. And how many parents know Let it Go by heart?


(7)Bonus: get lost in IMDB. This page is everything you need for movie info. Bloopers, trivia, cast list, production info, etc. (It has parental guides to help you decide if a movie is appropriate for your kids). You can make it a game. Look up a movie you’ve seen before and play a scene with a blooper. See who can spot it first (Don’t tell the players what they are looking for).