What to know before you go!

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We know many of you have a holiday tradition of coming to the theater and we are so excited to see you.  Things are a bit different this year, so please read this carefully so you don’t miss out.

  • Tickets may be available even if you can’t get them online.  We normally know exactly how many tickets we can sell in each theater and we offer these online and in theater.  Shows rarely sell out. This will not be the case for our holiday week.  We are currently operating at less than 25% capacity.  This means that we have less than 60 seats in our largest theaters.  The problem is that we don’t know exactly how many we have.  We can fit 4 individual people on a row with 3 seats between them OR a family of 10 can fit in a row.  We will not be able to offer all of our tickets for sale online because we do not know how many we can sell.  We also will need guests with online tickets to arrive before the movie starts to make sure they have their seats.  (We have no way to know how many people are in a family if tickets are purchased separately). Some tickets will be available online, but just remember… If you are unable to purchase tickets online, we could still have some tickets available.  We will make a post on facebook/Instagram and update it if shows sell out.


  • Seating.  We are currently using every other row and leaving 3 seats between non household groups.  We will continue this social distancing.


  • Lobby.  The safety guidelines recommend limiting the amount of time spent inside.  As a result, we have 6 feet markers in front of the register.  We will not be able to allow groups to line up for hours before a movie showtime.  We are limiting the amount of items customers touch so our staff will help with a lot more than you may be used to. We also ask that you exit through the exit doors in the auditorium to prevent crowds gathering in the lobby.


  • Showtimes.  We have to spend extra time and man power cleaning and sanitizing after each show.  This means we will have to move as many of our staff as possible to cleaning, leaving less available for concession/ticket sales.  We ask that you do not come more than 30 minutes early for your movie so that we can minimize the crowds.  We will also have less showtimes than we normally do because of the increase in hours spent cleaning.


  • When you arrive. We will have a customer screening table set up outside the front door.  We will check temperatures in addition to other screening recommendations.  We will ask what movie you are here. You will then be let in the side doors so that you can purchase tickets and concessions.