Avoid the Sell Out

Kavitha ReddyFeature Films, Industry, Palace

“Sorry, that is actually sold out…” are some of the worst words you can hear when you come to the movies!! However, we have a few tips to help you avoid the sell out! While we never know if a show time will sell out, very few of our shows do sell out, so it’s pretty easy to make sure you get a ticket. Also, keep in mind that having a ticket means you have a seat. We do not oversell, but it doesn’t mean you will get the exact seat you want.


  1. BUY YOUR TICKETS EARLY. Especially if you have a large group. The only movie that sold out way before the show time was the first Star Wars we played in 2015. Generally, the movies sell out within a couple of minutes of the show time. You can get your tickets online or in theater (during regular hours) before the show. Arriving at least 30 minutes before the movie is a good rule of thumb to get tickets for MOST shows. Our schedule is released a week at a time, so we can’t sell you tickets for a movie a month away, but we can sell you tickets for that Friday to Thursday. Bonus! If you have online tickets, you can go straight to the online ticket computer by the coke machines (at the end of the concession counter) if you don’t need concessions.  You don’t have to stand in line.  Buy Online Tickets Here 


  1. Know our popular times. The only shows that have sold out are Friday/Saturday evenings (the one closest to 7:00), the first shows on Sunday, and occasionally the premier on Thursday night if it’s a big, highly anticipated release. We have sold out maybe 2-3 times on a Saturday matinee for popular kid movies. Avoiding those times can make all the difference in the world. For example, on Friday, the 7:15 Incredibles sold out. The 4:45 only had 135 and the 11:45am had 40. Check out our weekly showtimes here!


  1. Come during the week. With the exception of the Thursday night premiers, our weekday shows are considerably less busy. It starts with the Sunday evening shows that barely have double digits regularly.We are open every single day.


  1. Be flexible in your seating. Our theaters are designed so that the front row sits farther back from the screen than in some theaters that would have 1-2 more rows in front of our first one. Consider looking at the front row before turning it down if that’s all we offer you. We may have several single seats available in the auditorium, so if you can split your group up, you will get to see the movie.


  1. Avoid opening day of big releases. Tag had less than 15 people in it all day while Incredibles never had less than 40. Be aware of the movie before you come. Many of you rarely come to the movies and expect it to always be like the last time you came. If you were here when it was packed, you probably always expect it to be that way and vice versa. It’s definitely movie specific. If you can come during a less busy time mentioned above or wait 2-3 days after opening, you will be much better off.


  1. Watch it in 3D. We’ve come a long way since the days of paper blue/red 3D glasses. The technology is amazing and seamless and the 3D glasses will fit over most regular frames. 3D movies have never sold out, so we would be shocked if you couldn’t get a good seat in a 3D theater even on opening night.Learn more about 3D here!