Back to school: Field Trips, Fundraisers, Donations!

Kavitha ReddyPalace

It’s back to school time and I know many of you are taking on new roles. If you’re suddenly tasked with the job of planning field trips, raising money, or looking for donations, here’s where to start:

Field Trips

We offer field trips outside of our regular schedule. The basics: $8 gets students a ticket/drink/popcorn. One teacher is included for every 20 students (extra teachers will receive drink/popcorn with their $8 ticket purchase.) Additional guests will pay $8 for a ticket. You submit a request form to schedule your trip.

We cannot tell you what is playing in 2 months, but you can get an idea by checking an online release schedule. We get most big movies and keep them for a few weeks usually.

The Field Trip information/request form is available on our website. A blog with more information about the trips can be found here:




We have a fundraising program that will allow you to raise quite a bit of money with relatively little effort. Your group will purchase discounted tickets from us. Either for a private show of something we have or anything we have access to on DVD. Or a block of tickets to an existing showtime. You will resell them to your supporters for whatever you choose. You keep that money. Then, during your event, you will help us with concessions and cleaning and keep a percentage of the sales.

Send us an email to get a fundraiser scheduled.



We have a donation request form that can be accessed on our website or filled out in theater. We will need to know some basic details about the event you are requesting a donation for and also your group.

Find more information here: