Now Accepting Applications

Kavitha ReddyPalace

We are now accepting applications.

However, before you get too excited, this doesn’t mean we have an opening date. We are a small operation and December is a very busy time just in general. I wanted to make sure we weren’t trying to evaluate applications and contact people while they may be out of town or busy with their own celebrations.

It will be 2015 before we open. Hopefully, within the first few weeks, but we still aren’t close enough to nail down an exact date. That being said, if you find other employment between the start of this process and our actual opening, we totally understand and it will not affect your ability to work for us in the future.

Here’s how this will work:

(1) You will fill out the 4 page application. Copies can be downloaded from our website ( or paper copies can be picked up at the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce (Paper copies won’t be at the Chamber until after noon on Monday 12/1).

(2) Return the application and any additional information (resumes are strongly suggested for those applying for Team Leader) BY MAIL to Athens Movie Palace c/o Hiring 1436 Decatur Pike Athens, TN 37303. Applications must be received by Dec. 15. DO NOT TAKE YOUR APPLICATION TO THE THEATER. The construction crew is not responsible for making sure we get them.

(3) We will evaluate the applications and mail letters with more information. It is my intention to mail all of these letters by Christmas.

(4) We will invite qualified applicants to attend an interview session and make hiring decisions.

Job descriptions can be found on the same page as the application.

Please do not contact us about the status of your application, but if you have other questions: or Facebook will get you the fastest response.
We do not have our phone lines installed yet, so we do not have a phone number, but I will be happy to give you a call if this is required.

We do not have any requirements for applying, however, we are looking for people with experience for our few Team Leader positions.